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The Irish Archives Resource web site contains information about archival collections open for public research in Ireland. Its purpose is to aid researchers in finding collections relevant to their studies.

The IAR will be a portal web site that will enable researchers to search for publicly accessible archival fonds/collections in Ireland, based on archival descriptions and index terms created in accordance with the Irish Guidelines for Archival Description (IGAD), and the ISAD(g) standard. All entries must also comply with NCA Rules for the Construction of Personal, Family and Corporate Names.  The Portal is intended to encourage the development of good quality archival descriptions, and it will stimulate the use of archival collections across the whole of Ireland by directing researchers to the relevant archives services. All entries to the Portal, in addition to meeting the relevant descriptive guidelines and standards, should be of high quality in terms of comprehensiveness and accuracy of description and indexing in order to facilitate researchers in locating records relevant to their research.

Contributing Repositories:

  • Clare County Archives
  • Cork City and County Archives
  • Donegal County Archives
  • Dublin City Archives
  • Fingal County Archives
  • Galway County Council Archives
  • Guinness Archives
  • Irish Film Archive
  • Limerick City Archives
  • Longford County Archives
  • Louth County Archives Service
  • NUI Galway John Hardiman Library Archives
  • Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
  • Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
  • South Tipperary County Archives
  • University College Cork Boole Library Archives
  • Waterford County Archives Service
  • Wicklow County Archives

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