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The Cregan Library in St Patrick’s College holds a wide range of material in English and Irish from the 18th and 19th centuries, including four Irish manuscripts. These manuscripts are now to be made available digitally as part of the Irish Script on Screen (ISOS) Project of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. 

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Henry Morris Letters
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A full description of the contents of the Irish language manuscripts was compiled by Prof Séamus P Ó Mórdha and appeared in the College’s Irish Studies journal Studia Hibernica [See Vol. I (1961), pp172-94.]

The manuscripts are indexed as Lámhscríbhinní I, II, III and IV. They contain mostly religious or devotional material, although they also include other poems and prose texts. LS I contains an incomplete version of Aodh Mac Aingil’s Scáthán Shacramuinte na hAithridhe, a sermon concerning St Patrick entitled Seanmóir ar Bheatha Phádraig and the texts Agallamh an Anma agus an Chuirp and An Teanga Bhithnua. Another version of Scáthán Shacramuinte na hAithridhe comprises the main part of LS II. A range of texts, among which are Iomarbháidh Oisín agus Phádraig, Pléaráca na Ruarcach, and Pléaráca an Stafordaigh, may be found in LS III. 

LS III was digitized by the DIAS during 2011 and can now be viewed on line. Work to digitize the remaining three manuscripts is on-going and they will be made available in due course.

The manuscripts and other collections are available to all interested researchers, and may be consulted in the Cregan Library by appointment with the Librarian

There is a college archive managed by the President's Office.

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