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World War One

Orpen Collection
The illustrated letters that Orpen sent during the war are among a large collection of letters to Mrs St George that are held in the National Gallery of Ireland. They are important documents as they provide valuable insight into the personal experience of one of the most significant World War 1 artists. National Gallery of Ireland Archives

Royal Irish Rifles at Finner Camp, Ballyshannon, Co Donegal, 1914. Photograph from a photograph album of the Royal Irish Rifles at various locations, mainly at camp.

Letter from Michael Moynihan, on the Western Front in north-east France, to his brother, John, in Springmount, Ballyard, Co Kerry, 28 December 1917.
UCD Archives   

World War One Safe Pass for Fr. John Gwynn S.J., 1915. Archival Code: Chp1/30 (17). Irish Jesuit Archives

Anti-Conscription Postcard, c.1918. The Allen Library

Irish Volunteers Christmas Card, c.1914. The Allen Library

Irish National Volunteers Postcard, 1914. The Allen Library

Fr. Gleeson and the Royal Munster Fusiliers, 1915. Archival Code: P/101 Dublin Diocesan Archives

Christmas Card WWI. Archival Code: Chp1/41 Irish Jesuit Archives

Easter Rising

Diary of James's Street Community and Schools, Dublin. Archival Code: G5L05/1 Christian Brothers Archives - St Helen's Teaching use: This text can be used to explore the topic of the 1916 Rising and to develop key skills of reading handwritten documents, researching the order of events, looking at what perspective the text is written from, examining how biased or unbiased the text might be, looking at what the piece tells us about the impact of the Rising on the locals and community life of Dublin.

Will of Countess Constance Markievicz, 30 April 1916. The Allen Library

War of Independence

Letter from L. T. MacCosgair, Minister for Local Government, Dail Eireann. Archival Code: WD/WCC/GNA/13. Waterford County Archives

Photograph of Arthur Griffith outside St. Mel's Cathedral, Longford, 21 June 1922. Archival Code: P/P/1. Longford County Archives

Note from Bishop Byrne. Archival Code: AB7/173/2/10/10 Dublin Diocesan Archives

Letter from M.J. O'Donoghue. Archival Code: AB7/173/7/22 Dublin Diocesan Archives

Letter from the Irish Self-Determination League. Archival Code: AB7/173/2/16/22 Dublin Diocesan Archives

Letter from A. O'Rahilly.Archival Code: AB7/173/2/21/12 Dublin Diocesan Archives

Letter from M. A. Childers. Archival Code: AB7/173/2/31/12 Dublin Diocesan Archives

Photograph of civilians arrested at the Custom House, 1921. The Allen Library

Sinn Fein Election Postcard, 1918. The Allen Library

 World War Two

Ration Book. Archival Code: D2003/D/3/1/7 Public Records Office of Northern Ireland

Careless Talk Poster (You never know who's listening!). Archival Code: CAB/9CD/31/7 Public Records Office Of Northern Ireland


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