All items come from the Guinness Archive collection. This collection mainly includes records of the St. James's Gate Brewery Dublin, from 1759 to the present day. These records document all activities at the St. James's Gate Brewery, from the production of beer, to its sale and distribution. The collection also documents employment and the working life of the Brewery. More information

Plan of the S.S. W.M. Barkley, 15 February 1899

'The Loss of the S.S. W. M. Barkley' 15 October 1917

'St. James's Gate Brewery European War 1914-1918'

Report of Work done by War Gifts Committee January, 1915 - January, 1917

Letter of thanks from W. E. Tripp (Corporal, Royal Fusiliers) to the War Gifts Committee of St. James's Gate Brewery, 10 March 1915

Cooper's Apprenticeship indenture granted to Walter Tyrell, 1886

A Cooper lowers the steam bell over a wooden cask in the process of being made, 1948

Two Coopers place a winch rope around the staves of a wooden cask, 1948

A Cooper blazing the inside of a wooden cask, 1948

Draymen prepare to make deliveries of beer from St. James's Gate Brewery, c.1906-1915

Drayman with his horse 'Gordon' at St. James's Gate Brewery, c.1885-1887

The Stables at St. James's Gate Brewery, c.1885-1887

Instructions to Store Managers, A. Guinness, Son & Co. Ltd, c.1908

'Housing Scheme for Employees' 1 February 1949

Construction work on houses in the Terenure Housing Scheme, 1949

Furnished dining room in a house on the Terenure Housing Estate, 1949

A row of completed houses on the Terenure Housing Estate, 1950


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