Digitisation Project: The Dublin Guild Merchant Roll, 1190-1265

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The Dublin Guild Merchant Roll is the oldest town document in Ireland and is older than any surviving in Britain. It consists of 43 parchment membranes, inscribed in a mixture of Latin, French and English and containing the names of some 8,400 men (and three women) who were admitted annually to the Guild name of origin is given for many of the new members, who came from towns in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales but also from towns and cities throughout western Europe, from Scandinavia right through to Rome. In other instances the occupation of the new member is recorded
The roll was photographed and digitised during Autumn 2016 and it has now been published by Dublin City Council on www.databases.dublincity.ie where it can be searched free of charge.   Indexes of place-names, occupations and surnames give translations into English and provide pathways into this important document.

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