Laurence O'Neill Biography

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Dublin City Library & Archives are launching a biography of Laurence O'Neill, Lord Mayor of Dublin 1917 - 1924 in the Mansion  House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2 at 5.30 pm on Monday the 09 Dec 2013. O'Neill was a key figure in the fight to prevent Conscription from being extended to Ireland.  He was also instrumental in securing political prisoner status for Irish freedom-fighters imprisoned after 1916; and he facilitated the holding of the First and Second Dáils in the Mansion House Round Room.

Title:                      Laurence O'Neill (1864-1943) - Lord Mayor of Dublin (1917-1924) - Patriot and Man of Peace

Author:                  Thomas J. Morrissey, S.J.

Produced by:       Dublin City Library & Archive

Published by:       Dublin City Council to mark the Decade of Commemorations

Price:                    Hardback             €40.50

                              Paperback           €22.45

Distributors:         Four Courts Press

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