Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia and request for documents.

You can now interact with on twitter. So, if you want to know what happening in archives, even if you don't know your 'tweeps' from your 'hash tags', get following.

The Archives and Records Association, Ireland has also made its debut on flickr where archive services and archivists can contribute and access images, for example, Archive Awareness Campaign 2010.

A wikipedia page for the Archives and Records Association, Ireland has been created. Understandably there are reservations about Wikepedia as a source, so to paraphrase The Skibbereen Eagle; we are 'keeping an eye' on it.,Ireland.

Documents for the learnaboutarchives website (photographs, maps, diary entries, letters...) are essential to the development of the website. Therefore, if you can contribute (by emailing images of documents) it would be very much appreciated. Finally, if you have any news about events, exhibitions, publications, comments or feedback, please email me, or even send a tweet.

Damien Burke
Website Editor

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